Friday, August 16, 2013

News On August 16, 2013

Slide shows the Sony Xperia Honami will record 4K video :

Google blocks Microsoft's Windows Phone YouTube app... again (updated) :

Apple releases iOS 7 beta 6 :

Now That Nokia Have Saved Windows Phone, Can They Do the Same for Windows RT? :

Plants vs Zombies 2 Review :

In pictures: Huawei Ascend P6 vs. Apple iPhone 4S :

Microsoft accuses Google of trying to sabotage Windows Phone :

HTC planned a smartphone customization website before Motorola :

BlackBerry patent portfolio worth $2 to $3 billion, analyst estimates :

Proxy war: Bill Gates helps Motorola-suing patent troll get more patents :

Kinect app that turns any surface into a touchscreen now available, starts at $149 :

Full change log for iOS 7 beta 6 :

Nokia Lumia 1020 goes to China, costs $980 unlocked :

Yahoo weather app is updated, showcases Flickr photos as background images :

Lenovo refuses to say if it will buy BlackBerry. Here's why it should :

Microsoft Confirms Skype App Coming Pre-installed In Windows 8.1 :

Latest Google Maps hints at forthcoming textured 3D buildings :

Pinch to zoom video for Nokia Lumia 920 in Amber/ProCam :

Nokia Lumia Amber update begins roll-out, Smart Camera, Glance Screen and more incoming :

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